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Today the Financial Services Sector is the most booming sector, a specialised study of Financial Products and Advisory Services, gives an insight of Financial Planning. It helps in Identifying and understanding the financial goals of target customers and guiding them efficiently in approaching towards their goals. A well-developed financial services industry is absolutely necessary to mobilize the savings and to allocate them to various investable channels and thereby to promote industrial development in a country.

Financial Modelling Course (30 Hours)

  • Role and Importance of Financial Planning

  • Identifications of Goals

  • Wealth Creation

  • Savings

  • Retirement Funds

  • Analysing scope of different financial services

  • Positioning the adequate financial service according to customers goal

  • Evaluation and understanding the present financial resources

  • Creating Strategies to Achieve the Financial Goals

  • Asset Allocation

  • Analysis of Risk Appetite

  • Investment Horizon

  • Open Ended

  • Closed Ended

  • Selection of Investment tools

  • Equity Investment

  • Debt-Equity (Hybrid) Investment

  • Capital Market Investment

  • Private Equity

  • Real Estate

  • Gold

  • Mutual Funds (SIP/STP/Lump sum)

  • ETF

  • Fixed Deposits

  • G Secs

  • Liquid Funds

  • Money Market Funds

  • ELSS

  • Money Market - Fixed Income Securities - Bonds - valuation - Govt. Securities - Capital Markets (a) Primary and Secondary Market (b) Equity Market - Foreign Exchange Markets (a)Role of banks in the market (b) SPOT and forward mechanism, SWAP, Outright Deals (c) Premium and Discount - Brief Outline on Derivative Markets.

  • On-going evaluation

  • Absolute Valuation - Discounted cash Flow (DCF) Model Free Cash Flow (FCFF) vs. Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) Discount rate

  • Relative Valuation - Trading Comps vs. transaction Comps Trading Multiple Analysis ? Industry Specific Valuation Multiples

  • Exercise and Case Studies

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