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Financial models are a key element in most major business decisions. A financial model is prepared whenever any organisation is considering project finance, bidding for a project, evaluating acquisition target, carrying out monthly financial planning, conducting capital structure studies, etc. They are useful tools that allow business options and risks to be evaluated in a cost-effective manner against a range of assumptions, identify optimal solutions in evaluating financial returns and understand the impact of resource constraints to make the most effective business decisions.

Financial Modelling Course (30 Hours)

  • Excel as a tool in Financial Modelling

  • Excel concepts, Basic commands

  • Functions - math’s, logical, look up, date, text and financial

  • What if analysis, pivot table, pivot chart, scenario, goal seek, problem solver tool, advanced filter.

  • Advanced functions of MS-Excel as a tool in financial modelling

  • Components of Financial Model

  • Data Validation & Components of a financial Model

  • Exercise and Case Studies

  • Financial Statements & forecasting various schedules

  • Art of Projecting Financials – Identifying Revenue and Cost Drivers

  • Key Financial Ratio & Company Analysis

  • Exercise and Case Studies

  • Non cash flow valuations - accounting methods, dividend discount models

  • Project Appraisal and Evaluation - NPV, IRR and payback Period Analysis

  • Fundamentals EV/EBITDA, EV/Sales

  • Breakeven Analysis – Building Debt Amortization Schedule

  • Simulation Technique’s

  • Fundamentals EV/EBITDA, EV/Sales.

  • Absolute & Relative Valuation - Discounted cash Flow (DCF) Model

  • Free Cash Flow (FCFF) & Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE)

  • Exercise and Minimum 2 Case studies

  • Building cases and sensitivity analysis

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