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Financial Risk Management is one of the most important aspects of finance it identifies and analyses areas of potential risk threatening the assets, earning capacity or success of a business.A risk managers role in an investment bank, corporation, or asset management firm involves looking at the potential risks of markets, investments, and transactions. Sometimes known as risk analysts, risk technicians or risk surveyors, their job is to forecast changes and trends that will impact the business and put strategies in place to protect it. They may work in sales, origination, trading, marketing, financial services or private banking and may specialise in areas such as credit or market risk.

Financial Modelling Course (30 Hours)

  • The risk management environment

  • The concept of risk

  • Types and sources of risk

  • Risk and the economic environment

  • Corporate governance and organisational structure

  • External reporting and accounting

  • The risk management process

  • A risk management framework

  • Risk measurement tools and techniques

    Interest rate markets and mathematics

  • Overview of the markets for interest bearing instruments
  • Interest rate mathematics
  • Time value of money and discounted cash flow analysis
  • Yield curve mathematics

    Identifying and analysing interest rate risk

  • Identifying and assessing interest rate risk
  • Evaluating interest rate risk

    Managing interest rate risk

  • Managing interest rate risk
  • Interest rate risk management Instruments: short term
  • Interest rate risk management Instruments: longer term

    Foreign exchange markets

  • Overview of the foreign exchange markets

    Identifying and analysing foreign exchange risk

  • Identifying and assessing foreign exchange risk
  • Evaluating foreign exchange rate risk

    Managing foreign exchange risk

  • Managing foreign exchange risk
  • Foreign exchange risk management instruments

    Overview of liquidity markets

  • Sources of liquidity
  • Borrowing and investment principles

    Identifying and analysing liquidity risk

  • Identifying and assessing liquidity risk
  • Evaluating liquidity risk
  • Managing liquidity risk

    Other financial risks

  • Credit and counterparty risk
  • Commodity price risk
  • Pension risk Section
  • Treasury operational risk and controls
  • External risk reporting

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