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Presales and Bid Management Course (20 hours)

  • Understanding the RFP

  • The art of reading an RFP with case discussions:

  • Contract Compliance Services for a Public Sector player.

  • How to capture important information from the RFP/ITT

  • Researching key information about the "Buyer" and it's industry.

  • An overview of various researching tools

  • Develop a checklist before you start writing.

  • Plan to prepare pre-bid questions for the "Buyer"

  • Case Discussion:

  •    Efficient proposal production and shipping for a client in West Coast, delivered from East Coast. Sound's unbelievable. Isn't it?

  •    Examples of key information missed in RFP and its impact.

  • Time management and identifying stakeholders

  • Task allocation to all the bid team

  • Identifying stakeholders - the bid preparation team.

  • - Case discussion of a large Telecom company for enterprise risk services.

  • How to prepare a bid response timeline. Why it is so important?

  • - Sample bid response timeline - real life example.

  • Identifying milestones and future meeting dates.

  • Plan thoroughly for writing Executive Summary and/or Cover Letter (separate module).

  • Section wise division of time for the RFP, as per the evaluation criteria.

  • Plan ahead for delivery and production.

  • Must have - sufficient time for reviews and the "Big" final review.

  • Case Discussion:

  • Setting up the procurement function of a large state government in the US

  • Designing the response/bid template

  • The golden rule to structure the response template.

  • Sections (at minimum) the "Buyer" expects in the bid.

  • The importance of cover page (and back cover) - first thing the "Buyer" visualizes.

  • How to generate a compelling table of contents

  • How to populate the RFP questions and its logical flow

  • Bid formatting in MS word, excels, and power point.

  • Dos and Don'ts in the template design.

  • Template design exercise on live RFP.

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